1 kilo dehulled soybeans organic

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Looking for more than 1 kilograms of pre dehulled organic soybeans? What you see on this page is the price per 1 kilogram. If you want 6 kilos of beans, add 6 times the 1 kilo to the basket. It will be shipped as one order and the shipping price adjusts to the total weight of the order. So you always have the best deal!

  • 1 x 1 kilo = 1 kilo order
  • 6 x 1 kilo = 6 kilo order

Look at the checkout page (add order to basket) for the shipping price to your country. We ship worldwide.

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1 kilo

Ready for your next step in homemade tempeh? We sell 1 kilo organic dehulled soybeans, good for 2 kilo of tempeh. When you add multiple kilos to your basket it will be shipped as one order.


There is still some husk with the beans. This does not affect the final product, it adds texture to the tempeh. If you wish to remove them, when you add the beans to the water the husk will float and is easy to separate that way.


Our soybeans are organic and of outstanding quality.

Just give them a quick rinse and you can start soaking right away! Imagine all the fun recipes you can look for in all the extra time you’ll now you don’t have to dehull the beans manually 🙂

Shipping costs

Calculate your shipping costs for your country in the checkout step. Steps used for determining the costs are:

  • 350 gram
  • 2 kilos
  • 5 kilos
  • 10 kilos
  • 20 kilos

For orders over 20 kilos, please contact us.

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Weight 1 kg

1 review for 1 kilo dehulled soybeans organic

  1. thomas S.

    Easy does it. No more dehulling myself

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